I have always enjoyed working with the people at Village Playhouse. They have included some of my works in their One Act Play festival and have always done a great job with it. They do a great job of community outreach, giving writers, directors and actors a chance to come together and put together great plays.


So proud of the playhouse’s ongoing efforts to showcase playwrights, directors, actors and crew, experienced and new. A testament to the importance of community theater and the arts!


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Byrll Hoelke Award

Congratulations to Scott Sorensen, who received the Byrll Hoelke Award at last night’s General Meeting. Named for Village Playhouse founding member, Byrll Hoelke, this award is given as recognition and appreciation of a member’s positive contribution and leadership example to the group. Click here to see the full list of award recipients over the years.

Announcing the cast of Forty Carats

The Village Playhouse is excited to announce the cast of Forty Carats. Sam Billeck Ann Stanley Zach Sharrock Peter Latham Scott Sorensen Billy Boylan Jan Pogodzinski Maud Hayes Olivia Liebe Trina Stanley Joe Ferric Eddy Edwards Jackie Benka Mrs. Margolin/Mrs. Latham (8.3&8.4) Maggie Sherwin Mrs. Adams Mark McGuire Mr. Latham Rita Bates Mrs. Latham (8.10-8.19) … Continue reading Announcing the cast of Forty Carats

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