by Moliere

With a Tony-Award winning Broadway revival in 1978 and made into a movie that same year, this neoclassical satirical comedy centers on a wealthy man being duped by a penniless vagrant.

Tartuffe art

When the vagrant Tartuffe disguises himself as a virtuous and pious man, he is able to get himself into the good graces of the wealthy Orgon and his mother Mme. Pernelle.  They take Tartuffe into their home and promise him Orgon’s daughter’s hand in marriage (even as he secretly attempts to seduce Orgon’s wife, Elmire).  Though everyone else in the family sees through Tartuffe’s ruse, they are unable to convince Orgon that Tartuffe is anything by what he says.

The Village Playhouse is excited to present an enhanced staged reading of this classic play.

Performance DateTime
August 2, 20197:30 PM
August 3, 20197:30 PM
August 9, 20197:30 PM
August 10, 20197:30 PM
August 11, 2019 – MATINEE2:00 PM
August 16, 20197:30 PM
August 17, 20197:30 PM
August 18, 2019 – MATINEE2:00 PM
OrgonScott Stenstrup
a wealthy landowner
ElmireLily Sullivan
Orgon’s second wife
DamisRandy Tranowski
Orgon’s son
MarianeIsabel RodenMaggie Sherwin
Orgon’s daughter(Aug. 9-10, 16-18)(Aug. 2-3, 11)
Madame PernelleJeanie Dean
Orgon’s mother
ValèreClayton Mortl
Mariane’s suitor
CléanteTom JozwikPaul Pfannenstiel
Orgon’s brother-in-law(Aug. 2, 9-18)(Aug. 3)
TartuffeRob Kuhnen
a poor cleric
Dorine, Jackie Benka
Mariane’s maid
FlipoteMargie Grosskreuz
Mm. Pernelle’s maid
M. LoyalMaggie SherwinMargie Grosskreuz
An officer of the law(Aug. 10, 16-18)(Aug. 2-9, 11)