Enhanced Staged Reading — A guide

So you’ve seen the posts about the Village Playhouse’s upcoming production of Tartuffe and are a little confused — What do they mean by “Enhanced Staged Reading”?

You’re not alone in that confusion. So here’s a helpful guide on what to expect:

  • Expect full 17th century costumes, designed by (the award winning!) Nikki Maritch
  • Expect a full set, designed by Derek Jacobs
  • Expect movement and blocking, designed by director Donna McMaster
  • Expect full stage lights, designed by Elizabeth M. Havican
  • Expect actors who are in character and engaged throughout the production.

In short, by enhanced staged reading we mean a play that is fully produced (set, lights, costumes, blocking, etc.), but where the actors are using scripts.

By having the actors use scripts, we were able to give many actors the opportunity to play roles that they would not have felt comfortable with if they had to memorize. With script in hand each actor is able to dig deep into their character and pull out all the nuances that will lead to better audience understanding of the show.

We are proud of the work that everyone has put into this production and are excited to share it with the community. It’s a timeless story of blind belief and betrayal of that trust.

As Donna McMaster, the director of this production says “Most people can relate to this play. We all know of individuals who have pretended to be something other than what they truly are in order to get something they want, to impress someone, or to simply fit in. Who hasn’t been scammed, lied to, or used in some way for someone else’s gain and then lost so much because of the scam? Moliere explores all of this.”

Tickets available now through Brown Paper Tickets.

Additional audition date added for Tartuffe

Can’t make it to Tartuffe auditions due to the weather? Never fear! We’ll still be there tonight (2.12.2019) for anyone who tries to make it out, but we’ve also added an additional date of MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2019 for anyone who doesn’t want to risk going out in the snow.

Looking for 13 actors and actresses, lots of roles available. Be sure to stop by and see how you could fit into this production.

More audition information here.

Show artwork for Tartuffe - April 2019 production

Get your tickets now!

Be sure to get your tickets now for Driving Miss Daisy. Opening night, February 8th, and the February 17th matinee are already sold out!

Tickets can be reserved by emailing DrivingMissDaisy@villageplayhouse.org, or calling 414.207.4879.

Tickets can be purchased online through Brown Paper Tickets.


$15 for students and seniors, $17 for adults.

Ask about special pricing for groups of 10 or more. Village Playhouse members receive half price tickets for opening night performances. Contact us for details on becoming a member.