Plays selected for the 33rd Annual Original One Act Festival

THE GARDENER by Nick Schweitzer
Directed by Tom Zuehlke
Samantha is content with her solidly upper-middle-class life with an attorney husband, two off children recently off to college, and a career as a social worker. However, on a day when one of her clients tried to kill herself, Samantha’s complacency is challenged when a lover from her past appears as a gardener who is still living a carefree life of adventure.
COFFEE SHOP by Mark Borchardt
Directed by Elizabeth Havican
An overworked businesswoman uses a coffee shop as an off-site office space. On an especially harries day she finds herself in the company of an obnoxious busybody- the last thing she needs to contend with as a deadline approaches.
Directed by Nathan Kenner
Oscar is a successful movie producer who invites Mitch, an academy award winning screenwriter, to his office to discuss Mitch’s latest screenplay. However, since it doesn’t contain, sex, violence, aliens or special effects- ” it just won’t sell”.
THE DOLLY AGENDA by Deanna Strasse
Directed by Scott Sorenson
Two girls playing with dolls have a rather adult agenda.
THE AMBITIOUS ONE by Deanna Strasse
Directed by Scott Sorenson
Katie is an ambitious writer who lets the big parts of success get in the way of the small parts of life and love, especially her girlfriend Vanessa.
VULPES VULPES by Deanna Strasse
Directed by Scott Sorenson

George sits down to write but writers block complicates things. A cleaver fox named Samantha continues to complicate things.

NOTE: THE DOLLY AGENDA, THE AMBITIOUS ONE and VULPES VULPES will be presented as a trilogy.

Auditions for the 33rd Annual Original One Act Festival

The Village Playhouse will be holding auditions for the 33rd Annual Original One Act Festival on April 16th and 17th, 2018 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM at Inspiration Studios. Variety of roles for all ages. Exact roles available to be announced once all the playwrights have been notified of the play selections (week of 4.8.18). This year’s festival will run June 1st – 17th, 2018.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! to everyone who attended last night’s Community Dinner Dance. The event was a huge success, and we are extremely grateful to the City of West Allis, WI Government​, and the West Allis Community Improvement Foundation for all the work they put in to making this event such a huge success.

If you weren’t able to make it, don’t worry — check out the Donations & Fundraising page on our website for details on how you can help make our productions possible.

Announcing the cast (and crew) of The House of Bernarda Alba

The Village Playhouse is proud to announce the cast and crew of The House of Bernarda Alba.  This classic Spanish play (with new English translation by our very own Erico Ortiz) will opens April  6th.


Bernarda Alba: Anne Gorski
La Poncia: Mary Lynn Ferwerda
Angustias:  Donna McMasters
Magdalena:  Jackie Benka
Amelia:  Miriam Kopec
Martirio:  Caroline Miller-Bayer
Adela:  Bividiana Murguia
Maria Josefa:  Judy Pirelli-Wambach
Servant:  Sandra Hollander
Prudencia:  Antoinette Stikl
Beggar Woman:  Susie Melott
Mourning Women:  Mary Breitrick, Nadia Negron, Luz I. Ortiz-Carby, Rosie Peterson, Joyce Sponcia, Sandra Wyss

Stage Manager: Jennifer Conway
Assistant Stage Manager:  Casey Paszkiewicz
Lighting & Sound:  Jennifer Lautz
Costumes:  Rosie Peterson
Set Design: Erico Ortiz
Set Construction: Sandra Wyss, Casey Paszkiewicz, Erico Ortiz
Set Painting & Artwork: Ronni Shmauz, Sandry Wyss
House Manager/Box Office:  Mary Breitrick
Producer:  Tom Zuehlke
Production Assistant:  Scott Sorensen
Director:  Erico Ortiz