The Critics are Raving about The Clean House

The reviews are in — The Clean House is a hit!

” Director Scott Sorensen has assembled a cast who weaves through that predicament with great humor, loss, and quirkiness.  ”

Wisconsin Theater Spotlight

”  the players come as they are, betraying and remolding stereotypical imagery this play runs the danger of eliciting, giving the characters a new lease on life. “

Local Trolley

“The Village Playhouse steps up their game with this piece, presenting what may be their strongest work yet “

The Drama Den

“Kathy Fitzgerald-Landry anchors the play as Virginia, the true obsessive “cleaner,” who is the glue to this increasingly wacky situation throughout this production.  “

Shepherd Express

Get your tickets while you still can, only 5 performances left!

Auditions for The Lilies of The Field

Auditions for The Lilies of The Field will be held October 14 & 15, 2019 and will consist of reading from the script.  Please sign up for a time slot via the link below.   We are looking for 4 men and 5 women.   The production will be directed by Deanna Strasse. 



Homer Smith: Male, American, 20’s-30’s, of any race, disciplined and steadfast but seeks freedom and adventure.

Mother Maria Marthe: Female, German 40’s or older, a dedicated yet stern woman of faith. Speaks some English

Jose: Male, 30’s-50’s, Spanish, a local man who runs a diner with his family. Friendly and helps Homer learn about teamwork and family.

Father Gomez: Male, 30’s-50’s, Spanish, acts as a kind of narrator and spiritual guide for Homer.

Orville Livingston: Male, American, 40’s or older, a business man who has helped the nuns in the past and gives Homer a part time job, friendly enough but still trying to run a business

Sister Albertine: Female, teens to 30’s, German, learning English

Sister Elizabeth: Female, teens to 30, German, learning English

Sister Gertrude: Female, teens to 30, German, learning English

Sister Agnes: Female, teens to 30, German, learning English