All auditions, rehearsals & performances are at Inspiration Studios.

A Good Farmer by Sharyn Rothstein
Performances April 17 – May 3, 2020 | Auditions January 20 & 21, 2020
Drama – A farmer and her illegal immigrant best friend fight to survive in a town divided.  Seeking a diverse cast of 4 – 8 people.  This production will be directed by Edson Melendez.

Auditions will be held from 6 – 9 PM on January 20 & 21.   To audition, sign up for which day you plan to attend here.

A Good Farmer


BONNIE JOHNSON, A white female farmer in her 30s. Down to earth and tough but big-hearted and loving. Cares deeply about the right thing to do and about the well being of people, but has been raised with old school thoughts about other races, religions etc. Has a big change of heart based on the interactions she has had with Carla.

CARLA GUTIERREZ,  Hispanic, single mother, late 20’s to early 30’s. Illegal immigrant escaping a bad situation. Hard working and deeply loyal. (Must look Hispanic and be able to do an accent or have a natural accent)

ROSEMARY DELVIN, White woman, 30’s – 40’s. A PTA mom, gossipy, judgmental.

GABE DuBEY, White male mid 30-40s. Single father, charismatic but old school ideas about people and race. Has fallen on hard times and is frustrated and bitter. Very rural upbringing.

LU, Woman in her 40’s- 50s, Any race, a nurse who loves to laugh. Has developed a special bond with David, they joke a lot and she doesn’t let him get away with much.

DAVID JOHNSON, White male, mid 30’s, Bonnie’s husband, sick with terminal stomach cancer. Optimistic and kind of a jokester- does the right thing a very fair and just person with a big heart and a keen sense of reading others.

OFFICE SHIRLEY SENDER, White, mid 30’s – 40’s, an Immigration Control Enforcement Officer.  Matter of fact, kind of emotionless, might harbor some ill feelings about other cultures.

RICH PARKS, 30 – 60, a state-appointed defense lawyer. Matter of fact all business, doesn’t really like having to defend an illegal immigrant.

Note — The play was written to be played by 4 actors, with the actress playing Rosemary also playing Lu and Shirley,  and the actor playing Gabe also playing David & Rich.     Casting for our production has not been set – we will cast the show in the best way possible based on who auditions.   There is the possibility that some actors may be asked to play multiple roles.

The play takes place over a 7 year time span.

Auditions will consist of reading from the script.   Email with any questions.

35th Annual Original One Act Festival for Wisconsin Playwrights
Performances June 5 – 21, 2020 | Auditions TBD (early April, 2020)