32nd Annual Original One Act Festival

The Village Playhouse’s Original One Act Festival has been an ongoing project for 30 years, making it the longest running festival of its kind in the state.  The festival is intended to give playwrights a means to see their work move from the paper to the stage. Working together, a playwright, a director, a cast, and a crew develop and polish scripts for presentation to an audience over the course of three weekends.

This year, due to the overwhelming number of high quality scripts, the festival presented two different groups of scripts in rotating repertory. 

Group A – June 2nd, June 10, June 16th – 7:30 PM, June 18th – 2:00 PM

Group B – June 3rd, June 9th, June 17th – 7:30 PM, June 11th – 2:00 PM

Inspiration Studios

Group A

Talk to the Wall by Mike Willis
Directed by Tom Zuehlke

The Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., receives more than five million visitors a year. Visitors come from all over the world to pay their respects to the over 58,000 names on The Wall. Some of the visitors come seeking a form of closure over the loss of family members or friends, lost loved ones that they never had a chance to say goodbye to. What if they could find some sort of comfort by talking to The Wall?

Lieutenant Jack, a disabled Vietnam Vet who suffered a severe head injury during the war, comes to The Wall daily and talks to those servicemen listed on The Wall. In his odd, slightly crazy way, Lieutenant Jack helps one visitor, Dorothy, communicate with her father who was KIA in Vietnam. Welcome to Oz, Dorothy.

The Painting by Mark Borchardt
Directed by Paul Pfannenstiel

When can having your identity stolen be a good thing?  Well, when you’re boring, unemployed, and, in general, considered to be a loser.  Julie is in just such a situation when her family intervenes, see a chance to have Julie re-invent herself.  But all is no as it seems in this quick hitting laugh-out-loud comedy.

Roxanne by Deanna Strasse
Directed by Larry Beckley

Fame comes at a great price. For Ellen LaDeau, it may be her sanity. An up-and-coming ventriloquist, Ellen might just be losing it as she sits in her dressing room, arguing with her partner in crime, Roxanne the dummy. But good guy and stage manager Bill has seen this before and is out to save the day.

About Paul by Nathan Kemer
Directed by Harper Demos

Two women speak about the recently deceased Paul. Colleen, Paul’s wife, comes to the apartment of Heather, Paul’s mistress, and they discuss what Paul meant to them.

Trespasses by Gary Jones
Directed by Rita Bates

A stranger trespassing on wooded land encounters the lands owner. A conversation ensues. “Forgive us our trespasses and we forgive those who trespass against us…”

Gothic Arms by Zachery Thomas Woods
Directed by Moondancer Drake

A former superhero, his identity never uncovered by the public, rots away in a sterile nursing home. Once a beacon of order and humanity, he has long since become a slave to rules, schedules, and the demands of others. A particular clownish super villain penetrates the nursing home under the guise of a new patient with the aim to shake up his former adversary’s quiet life and force him from retirement.  

Group B

Playing Solitaire by Michael Lucchesi
Directed by Paul Fisher-Zaragosa

Pop is a WWII vet who recently lost his wife. His son is now his outlet for dealing with life.

Unresolved by Nick Schweitzer
Directed by Mary Breitrick

An American veteran of World War II returns to the town in Italy where his unit was stationed for three weeks, and where he fell in love with a local girl. His meeting with the girl-turned-woman, mediated by the local priest, forces him to face a picture of himself completely at odds with his self-image.

The Wedding by Michelle Demos
Directed by Laura LaPinske

Tom, a blue-collar Milwaukeean has sat too long at the bar when a small gentleman climbs onto a stool next to him.  The small man’s name is Johny Fox, and eccentric Irish poet whose craft is derided by Tom until Johny Fox recites a somewhat racy offering.  Tom decided to commission the poet — a poem for a beer — to which the little man agrees and immortalizes Tom in verse.  Tom, however, prefers the racier poem and asks for a copy of it as he walks out of the bar.  Tom awakes the next morning to discover, quite by accident, that Johny Fox was actually a leprechaun.

Raw Footage by Regina Cooper
Directed by Regina Cooper

Follow the life of Bronzeville Allen. A black man wrongly convicted of a crime. Raw Footage picks up at the point in which Bronzeville is seated – for his fourth time – before the parole review board. Innocent in every aspect of the word, he struggles to gain footage back into a society of gatekeepers who desire to keep him locked away. Having already lost fifteen years of his life, Bronzeville now finds himself just a foot away freedom

A Long Way from Roswell by Paul Weir
Directed by Scott Sorensen

Four astronauts relax in the wardroom of the NASA spacecraft Odyssey having just achieved orbit around Mars. In the morning, three of them will journey down to the surface to become the first humans to set foot on another planet. They talk about their backgrounds, they talk about their dreams, as their well planned mission smoothly continues. Or does it?

Poison by Nick Schweitzer
Directed by Scott Sorensen