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Encore Awards











The Encore Awards are the Village Playhouse's means to acknowledge and praise our member's dedication and contributions to our productions.  They are awarded every year at the VPW annual meeting.






Audience Choice Awards

31st Annual Original One Act Festival





Favorite Production

Presumed Guilty


The Fourth Wall



Favorite Script

Presumed Guilty by Marjorie Pagel


The Fourth Wall by Michelle A. Demos



Favorite Director

Joan Williamson -- The Fourth Wall


Alan Piotrowicz -- Presumed Guilty


Favorite Ensemble Cast

Ya Want Fries With That?


Who Pays the Shark?



Favorite Actors

Derek Lobacz -- Randy (What About the Baby?)

Paul Pfannenstiel -- Customer (Ya Want Fries With That?)

Paul Weir -- Waiter (Ya Want Fries With That?)

Paul Weir -- Burbage (Shakespeare and Company)



Favorite Actresses

Tina Nixom-- Sam (The Fourth Wall)

Donna McMaster-- Waitress (Ya Want Fries With That?)

Keighley Sadler -- Valerie (Presumed Guilty)



Favorite Set Design

Ya Want Fries With That?



Favorite Costumes

Shakespeare and Company



Script Most Desired to be Expanded

The Fourth Wall



Special  Awards

Favorite Performance by an Actor Not on the Ballot

Paul Zaragoza - What About the Baby?

Best Use of a Prop

Paul Zaragoza - the pie - What About the Baby?

Paul Pfannenstiel -- the steering wheel -  Ya Want Fries With That?

Derek Lobacz -- the ultrasound picture - What About the Baby?

Favorite Drunk

Paul Weir -- Shakespeare and Company

Most Questionable Set Piece

The lamp - What About the Baby?

Favorite Playwright / Director / Director

Scott Sorensen

Best Offstage Scream

Caitlin Weiss - What About the Baby?

The Mae West Award

Keighley Sadler

The Cutest Couple Award

Nicole Alleee & Tina Nixom - The Fourth Wall





















We are in the process of trying to gather and organize our history.  If you have any information on items that we're missing, (or typos) please e-mail it/them to webmaster@villageplayhouse.org.

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Read a biography of Byrll Hoelke



The Byrll Hoelke Award is named after one of the founding members of both incarnations of the Village Playhouse of Wauwatosa.  It is presented to someone who has given of his or her time and energy over a period of years to benefit Community Theatre and the Village Playhouse.  It is given in recognition and appreciation of his or her positive contribution and leadership example in the ever uphill crusade to keep community theatre alive and well in the metropolitan Milwaukee area.


Byrll Hoelke Award Winners



1982-1983 Season

Byrll Hoelke

Don Horaitis



1998-1999 Season




1983-1984 Season

Nick & Ann DeLeo

John Flessas



1999-2000 Season




1984-1985 Season

Rosie Peterson

Evvie Smith



2000-2001 Season




1985-1986 Season

Linda Jaeger



2001-2002 Season




1986-1987 Season

Lloyd Dreger



2002-2003 Season




1987-1988 Season

Judy Schoenfeld



2003-2004 Season




1988-1989 Season

Bob Kafka



2004-2005 Season




1989-1990 Season

Victor White



2005-2006 Season




1990-1991 Season

Tom & Donna Kohls



2006-2007 Season




1991-1992 Season

Tom Zuehlke



2007-2008 Season




1992-1993 Season

Jane Preston



2008-2009 Season




1993-1994 Season

Judy Tarbox



2009-2010 Season



1994-1995 Season




2010-2011 Season



1995-1996 Season




2011-2012 Season

Paul Weir


1996-1997 Season

Gilbert Shine

Barbara Lynch



2012-2013 Season

Elizabeth Havican


1997-1998 Season



2013-2014 Season

Erico Ortiz




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