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2010 Original One Act Festival



May 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29, 2010

Alchemist Theatre


Potions and Pets

by Nick Schweitzer


Self Improvement, Old Testament Style

by Richard Paul Klein


The Free Man
by Mike Willis


The Conductor

by Jennifer Najoom


How Can I Tell if it's Love?
by Rand Higbee


Eve and Adam

by W. Patrick Fogarty



At the 2010, 25th Anniversary festival a number of people were honored for their contributions in the establishment and continuance of the Original One Act Festival for Wisconsin Playwrights.  They are:



David Eggebrecht

For his role in the founding of the Original One Act Festival for Wisconsin Playwrights



Marion Youngquist

As the Festival's most produced playwright



Victor White and Tom Zuehl;ke

For directing the most one acts plays for the Festival



Mary, George, Larry and Tony Breitrick

For being the family most involved with the Festival.  Both in number of family members and variety of positions.



Mark Wyss

For performing the largest number of different functions associated with the Festival.



Judy Tarbox

For performing in the most One Act Festivals



Larry Beckley, Lloyd Dreger and Bob Kafka

For their significant and varied behind the scenes support of the One Act Festival




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Show Program

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Production Staff


Tom Zuehlke

Stage Manager

Larry Beckley


Bob Kafka


Tom Zeuhlke

Sound Crew

Tom Wessels

Run Crew

Mary Wessels

Original One Act Logo

Deb Pipkorn


Bob Kafka


Set Design/Construction

Larry Beckley

Tim Kietzman

Paul Weir

Play Reading Committee

Larry Beckley

Bob Kafka

Judy Tarbox

Tom Zuehlke




Potions And Pets


The theme, "if your pets could talk," is the heart of this comedy. Bobby goes to an Apothecary type shop to buy a potion to increase her ability to speak in social settings. Her dog and cat lap up some spilt potion just before a party Bobby is hosting. Let the fun begin.


Playwright Nick Schweitzer
Shopkeeper Erico Ortiz

Assistant Josh Klingman

Customer 1 Elizabeth Meert

Customer 2 Jerry Proffitt

Customer 3 Judy Tarbox

Bobby Sarah Zarzynski

Samantha Deanna Champan

Woof Clarence Aumend

Director Tom Zuehlke
Roseann Elizabeth Meert

Alice Judy Tarbox

Ralph Josh Klingman

Jennie Jenny Anderson

Terry Jerry Proffitt

Mary Rosie Peterson

Harold Erico Ortiz



The Conductor


It's the intermission of a long opera (is there such thing as a short opera?) and things are not going well for the orchestra.  "The Maestro" is working feverishly to fix the score when a parade of people barge into the dressing room and offer their opinions. From a feuding Flautist to the flippant ex-wife to the companies major donor a host of characters take us backstage and into the sophisticated life of a symphonic conductor.


Playwright Jennifer Najoom
Maestro Rick Anderson

Claudia Jessie Barr

Morris Katzman Clarence Aumend

Bunny Sarah Zarzynski

Director Barbara Lynch
Rachel Jacquelyn Ranallo

Harry Dombrowski Jerry Proffitt

Mitchell Wheatfield Lloyd Dreger

Nita Wheatfield Rosie Peterson



Eve And Adam


After the human race annihilates itself, God decides to try a do over with a changes Adam and Eve. The results are the same as the first time. It also is discovered that rabbits may not be a good second choice.


Playwright W. Patrick Fogarty
Adam Clarence Aumend

Eve Elizabeth Meert

God Rick Anderson

Director Stacy Williams
Archangel Alice Jessie Barr

Rabbit Kid Beat Box



Self Improvement, Old Testament Style


In order to "cure" herself of her new found wicked ways, and prevent her college roommate, Bunny, from telling her parents about her latest escapades, Stephie agrees to undergo an exorcism. Alone in their form, the girls go through a bungling ordeal that reveals an unlikely result. Bunny, with the religious fervor of a right-wing activist and the theological knowledge of a first year divinity student inflicts wonderful punishment -- a combination of restraints, scripture and holy water -- on the supposed demons possessing Stephie.


Playwright Richard Paul Klein
Bunny Jocelyn L Dawson

Director Mike Crowley
Steph Emily Gaulke



The Free Man


The story of James Hamlet, the first black arrested under the Fugitive Slave Bill, enacted by Congress in September of 1850. The bill stated that any runaway slave living in any of the northern free-states could be tracked down by slave-catchers and returned to their owners. A signed piece of paper from a slave owner claiming ownership of a slave was all that was needed to have the slave arrested. Escaped slaves, as well as free men and women of color were equally afraid of being arrested, since by law, colored people were not allowed to testify against whites. The Anti-Slave Society headed by the likes of Lewis Tappan, Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony fought against the Fugitive Slave Bill and questioned its constitutionality.


Playwright Mike Willis
James Hamlet Kid Beat Box

Sarah Grimke Deanna Champan

Director Mary Breitrick
Thomas J. Clare Josh Klingman

The Jailer Erico Ortiz



How Can I Tell If It's Love?


Jack and Nora are a young couple in love. But are they really in love? How can they know for sure when they have no experience in such matters? Their parents give them advice, but in the end Jack and Nora realize they themselves are the only ones who can decide if this is love ... or something else.


Playwright Rand Higbee
David Mike Crowley

Nora Karly Macias

Jack Ryan Roddick

Director Joan Williamson
Betty Sandra Wyss
Phyllis Jacquelyn Ranallo

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