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2010 Encore Awards

June 26, 2010

Tina Davis' Backyard






2010 Audience Choice Awards

25th Annual Original One Act Festival



Favorite Production (tie)

How Can I Tell if it's Love?

Eve and Adam



Favorite Script

How Can I Tell if it's Love? by Rand Higbee



Favorite Director

Joan Williamson -- How Can I Tell if it's Love?



Favorite Ensemble Cast (tie)

How Can I Tell if it's Love?

Eve and Adam



Favorite Actors

Rick Anderson -- Maestro (The Conductor)

Rick Anderson --God (Eve and Adam)

Clarence Aumend --Woof (Potions and Pets)

Kid Beat Box -- James Hamlet (The Free Man)



Favorite Actresses

Jessie Barr - Archangel Alice (Eve and Adam)

Deanna Champan -  Samantha (Potions and Pets)

Emily Gaulke - Steph (Self Improvement, Old Testament Style)

Karly Macias - Nora (How Can I Tell if it's Love?)



Special Audience Choice Awards

Josh Klingman - Potions and Pets & The Free Man

Sarah Zarzynski -  Potions and Pets & The Conductor





At the 2010, 25th Anniversary festival a number of people were honored for their contributions in the establishment and continuance of the Original One Act Festival for Wisconsin Playwrights.  They are:


David Eggebrecht

For his role in the founding of the Original One Act Festival for Wisconsin Playwrights

Marion Youngquist

As the Festival's most produced playwright

Victor White and Tom Zuehl;ke

For directing the most one acts plays for the Festival

Mary, George, Larry and Tony Breitrick

For being the family most involved with the Festival.  Both in number of family members and variety of positions.

Mark Wyss

For performing the largest number of different functions associated with the Festival.

Judy Tarbox

For performing in the most One Act Festivals

Larry Beckley, Lloyd Dreger and Bob Kafka

For their significant and varied behind the scenes support of the One Act Festival




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