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1992 Encore Awards

June 6, 1992

Mannings Restaurant









1992 Encore Mainstage Awards


Best Production

The Homecoming

Tom Zuehlke -- Producer

Tom Zuehlke -- Director



Best Director

Tom Zuehlke -- The Homecoming



Best Lead Actor

David Blank -- Dad (Cheaper by the Dozen)

Bill Kaiser -- W.O. Grant (Look Homeward Angel)

Nick Nieskes -- Eugene (Look Homeward Angel)



Best Lead Actress

Laura-Nicole Musolf -- Anne  (Cheaper by the Dozen)



Best Supporting Actor

David Dreckman -- Frank (Cheaper by the Dozen)



Best Supporting Actress

Nancy Hucke --Laura (Look Homeward Angel)



Best Featured Juvenile Actor

Tony Breitrick --Matt (The Homecoming)

Ryan Woody -- Bill (Cheaper by the Dozen)



Best Featured Juvenile Actress

Angie Laughran -- Lillian (Cheaper by the Dozen)

Maggie Meloy -- Jack  (Cheaper by the Dozen)

Carly Rose Weber -- Pattie Cake  (The Homecoming)

Erika White -- Shirley  (The Homecoming)



Best Featured Actor

Herb Hucke -- Sheriff (The Homecoming)

Herb Hucke -- Dr. Burton (Cheaper by the Dozen)

Nathaniel Miller -- Joe Scales  (Cheaper by the Dozen)

Scott Wentworth -- Birdshot (The Homecoming)



Best Featured Actress

Rosie Peterson -- Miss Etta Staples (The Homecoming)

Sheri Treiber -- Mrs. Fitzgerald (Cheaper by the Dozen)

Marion Ziemienski -- Miss Emma Staples  (The Homecoming)



Best Lighting Design

Bob Kafka -- The Homecoming



Best Set Design

Scott Grimscheid -- Look Homeward Angel



Best Sound Design

Jeff Kaplan  -- Cheaper by the Dozen



Best Costume Design

Barbara Lynch --Cheaper by the Dozen

Jennifer Kaufmann --Cheaper by the Dozen








1991 Audience Choice Awards

8th Annual Original One Act Festival




Best Script

The Ladies Room

by Karen Heil-Dix



Best Director

James Henderson -- The Substitute



Best Lead Actor

Paul Sheehan -- Brian (Wish You Were Here)



Best Lead Actress

Denise Zarling-- Agnes (The Ladies Room)



Best Supporting Actor

Scott Wentworth -- Eddie (Farewell in Parlor B)



Best Supporting Actress

Lisa Ann Hajek-- Krista (The Ladies Room)

Nancy Hucke-- Candy (The Ladies Room)

Barbara Lynch-- Miss Fragment (The Substitute)

Anna Ortiz-- Miss Maupins (The Substitute)



Best Featured Actor

Nick DeLeo -- Mr Cotton  (The Substitute)

Paul Sheehan -- A Woman (The Ladies Room)

Keith Schmitz -- Ed Barely  (The Substitute)



Best Featured Actress

Mary Husting -- Mrs. Clancy  (Wish You Were Here)






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