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Dogs Of The Blue Gods

by Ian Fraiser

February 27, 1999

Miramar Theatre


March 6, 1999

Wisconsin AACTFest 1999

State Theatre, Eau Claire, Wisconsin


March 27, 1999

Walkers Point Center For The Arts


April 10, 1999

Region III AACTFest 1999

Muncie Civic Theatre, Muncie, Indiana


1999 Wisconsin State Festival Winner


Trapped in a police training facility, Fang, Ralph, Rover, and Rex search for meaning—or just a way out. The characters are dogs - played by actors.  The story unfolds as we discover the quiet group dynamics of a bunch of very jaundiced, somewhat depressed dogs, beginning to wonder what their purpose is in life.

Rex is a new arrival in the facility - a domestic street dog - with very alien idea's to the more militarized thinking of the pack. His arrival brings out the long simmering and unacknowledged tensions in the kennel.  The warring concepts of Pacifism versus Patriotism are played out - but on a 'dog' level. The piece has been performed in South Africa, both by adults, and by school children - in a variety of different theatrical stagings.

Another layer is added, by having the dogs regard humans as 'Gods' and themselves as 'people'. Thus 'white' Gods, 'black' Gods, and the police of the title – the 'Blue' Gods.




Show Program


State Festival Program






Production Staff


Bob Kafka


Tom Zuehlke


Stage Manager

Mary Jo Resop

Technical Director David Gee



Tony Breitrick


Brian Roloff



Erico Ortiz


Tim Kleinschmidt


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