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Facing the Finding

By Sabley Sabin & Mark Wyss



Facing the Finding





A Mirror in Three Acts


January 13, 14, 20, 21, 2017

Inspiration Studios

In this complex time, in the aftermath of a heated and controversial presidential campaign, many of us are bruised, bewildered, or just plain angry.

It’s easier, often, to stay in this anger, to direct it at an external enemy. But that’s not the way we move forward. Change will come only when we turn the mirror around; when we face the darkness, bias and fear in ourselves, come to recognize it, then work through it…to the hope on the other side.
“Facing the Finding: A Mirror in Three Acts” is a call to do just that.


Production Staff


Tom Zuehlke


Alexis Fielek

Stage Manager

Casey Paszkiewicz

Set Designer Alexis Fielek
Lighting  Designer

Casey Paszkiewicz

Costume Designer Alexis Fielek
Sound Designer

Casey Paszkiewicz

Set Construction

Tom Hayden

Erico Ortiz

Casey Paszkiewicz


Costume Tailoring

Jane Anello

Run Crew

Scott Engel
Casey Paszkiewicz

Box Office

Mary Breitrick

Production Art

Alexis Fielek


Scott Engel


Alexis Fielek

Erico Ortiz

Program Design

Erico Ortiz



Josephine “Jo” McCarthy

Mary Ferwerda


Mindy Lentz

Edward R. Murrow

Erico Ortiz


Karla E. Mundt Kat Rabe


Scott Sorensen

Joseph Welch

Scott Stenstrup

Rhonda Cohn Jordyn Stewart
Reporter Kathleen Rabe

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