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The Skin of Our Teeth

By Thornton Wilder

April 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 2015

Inspiration Studios


Meet George and Maggie Antrobus of Excelsior, New Jersey, a suburban, commuter-town couple (married for 5,000 years), who bear more than a casual resemblance to that first husband and wife, Adam and Eve: the two Antrobus children, Gladys (perfect in every way, of course) and Henry (who likes to throw rocks and was formerly known as Cain); and their garrulous maid, Sabina (the eternal seductress), who takes it upon herself to break out of character and interrupt the course of the drama at every opportunity ("I don't understand a word of this play!")

Whether he is inventing the alphabet or merely saving the world from apocalypse, George and his redoubtable family somehow manage to survive--by the skin of their teeth.


Production Staff


Art Carter

Derek Jacobs



David Kaye


Stage Manager

Nicole Allee

Costume Design Nicole Manitch  

Lighting Design

Elizabeth Havican

Sound Design Elizabeth Havican  
Lighting Tech

Nicole Allee

Sound Tech

Nicole Albee


Set Construction

Larry Beckley

Art Carter

Derek Jacobs



Johanna Larson


House Manager

Mary Breitrick


Box Office Manager

Mary Breitrick



Art Carter

Elizabeth Havican

Derek Jacobs

Erico Ortiz

Graphic Design Derek Jacobs  

Poster Design

Derek Jacobs


Program Design

Erico Ortiz



Ms. Fitzgerald

Jessie Barr


Alexis Fielek


Elizabeth Havican


Elizabeth Havican


Elizabeth Havican

Wooly Mammoth

Nicholas Hightdudis

Moses Nicholas Hightdudis
The Chair Pusher Nicholas hightdudis
Mr. Bailey Nicholas Hightdudis
Telegraph Boy Peter Kao
Homer Peter Kao
Girls Peter Kao
Mr. Tremayne Peter Kao


Donna Mc Master

Miss E Muse

Donna Mc Master

Bingo Caller

Donna Mc Master


Donna Mc Master


Paul Pfannenstiel

Broadcast Official

Paul Pfannenstiel

Henry Paul Pfannenstiel
Mrs. Maggie Antrobus Joyce Sponcia
Miss M Muse Scott Stenstrup
Fortune Teller Scott Stenstrup
Gladys Antrobus Jordyn Stewart
Mr. George Antrobus Robert A.  Zimmerman

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