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The Butler Did It

by Tim Kelly





April 13, 14, 20, 21, 2012

Christ King School

North Hall

The Butler Did It is set in the drawing room of the Ravenswood Manor on Turkey Island, off the coast of San Francisco. Miss Maple has invited a group of detective writers to eerie Ravenswood Manor where they are to impersonate their fictional characters. Chandler Marlow is the hard noised, womanizing Private Investigator, Laura Carlyle is a Manhattan socialite with a flair for investigating murders, Father Frank White is the crime investigating Priest and Peter Flimsey is a modern day Sherlock Holmes.

 The hostess has arranged all sorts of amusing incidents: a mysterious voice on the radio, a menacing face at the window, a mad killer on the loose. Who is that body in the wine cellar anyway? Why do little figurines keep toppling from the mantle? Then a real murder takes place, and Miss Maple is outraged. She offers an immense reward to the “detective” who can bring the killer to justice. And what an assortment of zany would-be sleuths! When they're not busy tripping over clues, they trip over each other!






Judy Lee Tarbox

Rita Eyelesbarrow Pamela Stein
Miss Maple Victoria Heckman

Father White

Art Carter

Chandler Marlowe

Paul Weir


Louis Fan

Josh Klingman

Rick Carlyle Tom Wessell
Laura Carlyle  Robyn Beckley

Peter Flimsey

Jaime Jastrab

Charity Haze

Sam Shelby



Production Staff


Tina Davis

Jerry Proffitt


Laura LaPinske

Stage Manager

Mary Wessell

Lights Sam Stair
Sound Larry Beckley


Bob Phelps


Paul Weir


Rosie Peterson


Diane Cohen

Marjorie Pagel

Judy Lee Tarbox


Great Fictional Detectives


James Bond

James Bond is the son of Andrew Bond a Scot of Glencoe. His mother was Monique Delacroix a Swiss. Both his parents were killed in an accident in the Aiguilles Rogues when he was eleven years old. He went to live with his erudite and accomplished aunt Miss Charmian Bond at Pett Bottom, near Canterbury, Kent. She sent him to Eton but his aunt was asked to remove him after only a short time when some "alleged" troubles with one of his maids came to light; he was twelve at the time.

In 1941 he joined the Royal Naval Reserve. He served throughout the Second World War and left the Royal Navy in 1945 with the rank of Commander. Bond, who was given a 00 prefix to his agent number 7, (the 'double-oh' prefix indicates his discretionary license to kill in the performance of his duties) undertook his first missions in 1946.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes was by all accounts born on 6th January 1854, and for more than a century his name has been known in every country of the world; and not only his name, but his appearance too. The hawk-like features and piercing eyes; the dressing-gown and pipe; the deerstalker cap and magnifying glass - these details are so familiar that if he were to appear amongst us today we should know him at once.

Sherlock Holmes was "the most perfect reasoning and observing machine that the world has seen", but he was not without feelings, because he appreciated the opera and classical music. He was however reserved towards women, because he felt their influence a distraction to his work, so he would not allow himself to become swayed by their romantic allure. Nevertheless, Holmes took an interest in a Miss Irene Adler, whom he always referred to as 'the woman'. Dr Watson considered Holmes to be "the worst tenant in London', who 'keeps his cigars in the coal-scuttle, his tobacco in the toe-end of a Persian slipper, and his letters transfixed by a jack-knife to the centre of the wooden mantelpiece". Strange visitors, chemical experiments and late-night violin playing also tried the patience of their landlady Mrs Hudson.

Charlie Chan

Charlie Chan was created by Ohio-born writer, Earl Derr Biggers, and although Chan's first film appearances were on the sidelines, His presence in more than forty movies that was able to change the insidious image of the deceitful and sinister "asian villain". Chan brought to the screen a calm, insightful, and enduring character whom always prevailed despite the clever efforts of his adversary, no matter how much his inept sons interfered.

The formula was simple: 1) Charlie Chan of the Honolulu Police Force, a worldwide celebrity, 2) A murder case set in an interesting or exotic location 3)One or two of Charlie's detective wannabe sons (usually identified chronologically as #1 son, #2 son) They would attempt to help their "Pop" then spend the rest of the film getting in the way, and providing hours of comic relief. 4) And we can never forget the numerous Chinese proverbs, Chan dropped in along the way!

Phillip Marlowe

Phillip Marlowe is 38 years old and was born in Santa Rosa, California. Marlowe is slightly over six feet tall and weighs about 190 pounds. Marlowe's office is modest and he doesn't have a secretary. He generally refuses to take divorce cases. He had a couple of years at college and some experience as an investigator for an insurance company and the district attorney's office of Los Angeles County. He was fired from the D.A.'s office for insubordination (or as Marlowe put it, "talking back").

He smokes and prefers Camels. At home he sometimes smokes a pipe. He makes good coffee, eschewing the use of filters. He takes his coffee with cream in the mornings but has it black at other times. A chess adept, he almost exclusively plays against himself, or plays games from books. He drinks whiskey or brandy frequently and in relatively large quantities. Marlowe is adept at using liquor to loosen peoples' tongues.

Nick Charles

Nick Charles is a former police detective originally from an up-state New York town called Sycamore Springs. Nick is almost constantly meeting people that he “sent up the river”, which would imply that he has done a lot of work in New York. After his days as a policeman he went into private investigation and seems to deal mostly with wealthy, high profile, clientele. At some point he met and married Nora, a Californian family socialite. While Nick's statements would imply that he had respect and admiration for Nora's late father, the majority of her family seems to utterly dislike Nick, seeing him as beneath them.

Retired, Nick manages the businesses that Nora inherited from her father, referring to it as “taking care of all that money I married you for”. His favorite hobby seems to be drinking. Even in retirement sleuthing seems to constantly follow him as numerous times he is reluctantly drawn into a murder case either by circumstance, or by Nora's desire to "watch him work".

Jane Marple

Miss Marple is able to solve difficult crimes not only because of her shrewd intelligence, but because St. Mary Mead, over her lifetime, has given her seemingly infinite examples of the negative side of human nature. No crime can arise without reminding Miss Marple of some parallel incident in the history of her time. Although she looks like a sweet, frail old woman, Miss Marple is not afraid of dead bodies and is not easily intimidated. She also has a remarkable ability to latch onto a casual comment and connect it to the case at hand.

Miss Marple has never worked for her living and is of independent means, although she benefits in her old age from the financial support of Raymond West, her nephew. She demonstrates a remarkably thorough education, including some art courses that involved study of human anatomy through the study of human cadavers. In her distant youth, Miss Marple spent time in Europe at a finishing school. She is not herself from the aristocracy or landed gentry, but is quite at home among them

Father Frank Dowling

Father Frank Dowling is a Catholic priest who continually stumbles over murders, abductions, and other high crimes in his hometown, Chicago, Illinois. He is assisted by Sister Stephanie "Steve" Oskowski, who does much of the legwork for Frank. Sister Steve is a streetwise nun who grew up in a rough housing project nearby, so she can hotwire a car and handle firearms with ease. She knows the language of the streets and converses in it fluently.
Father Dowling has a brother, Blaine, who, although they are different ages, looks exactly like him. Blaine Dowling is a thief and con artist who isn't above framing his brother for his crimes. A famous catchphrase of Father Dowling is when he is recorded asking Father Phil: "Father Phil, could you take 10 o'clock Mass? I've got a murder to solve."

Lord Peter Whimsy

Lord Peter Whimsy began his hobby of investigation by recovering the Attenbury Emeralds in 1921. However, Wimsey is not entirely well. In 1921 he hallucinates that he is back in the trenches. He soon recovers his senses and goes on a long holiday.

The next year, he returns to Riddlesdale in North Yorkshire to assist his older brother Gerald, who has been accused of murdering Captain Denis Cathcart, their sister's fiancé. He is tried by the entire House of Lords to much scandal and the distress of his wife Helen. Their sister, Lady Mary, also falls under suspicion. Lord Peter clears the Duke and Lady Mary, to whom Parker is attracted.

By 1935 Lord Peter is in continental Europe, acting as an unofficial attaché for the British Foreign Office. Harriet Vane contacts him about a problem she has been asked to investigate in her college at Oxford. At the end of their investigation, Vane finally accepts Peter's proposal of marriage. The couple marries, on 8 October 1935, at St. Cross Church, Holywell, Oxford.


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