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The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

by Barbara Robinson

December 14, 15, 21, 22, 23, 2012

Christ King School

North Hall

The Herdmans are famous (or if you will, infamous) around the community they live in. Among other things, they lie, steal, hit people, ignore and/or cuss at their teachers and other people in authority (parents, the Police, etc), set fire to things, and, in general, cause trouble. All six also smoke cigars.  The kids' parents were often unseen. Their mother, Mrs. Herdman, worked double shifts at the town's shoe factory although she would be seen around town walking their pet cat (a mean one-eyed cat) on a double length of chain; and Mr. Herdman deserted the family when Gladys, the youngest and meanest of all of them, was only two years old. The kids and their mother live over a garage at the bottom of Sproul Hill, in town.

The story is narrated by Beth Bradley, a girl of the same age as the second oldest Herdman, Imogene. In some ways, Imogene sees Beth as perhaps the only person that she can trust, even though Beth often tries to avoid Imogene. Beth's brother, Charlie, had, unwisely, told Leroy Herdman, the same age as he, that they received snacks at Church, and, because of that, they all came to the church for the first time.

Beth's mother, Grace, had been put in charge of the pageant when the original leader, Mrs. Helen Armstrong, fell and broke her leg. It was at that point, when the Herdmans came, and were cast in the Christmas play.  This didn't sit well with most of the other members of the church, most especially, Mrs. Wendleken, the mother of Beth's prissy, arrogant, stuck-up friend, Alice.  Alice, like her mother, didn't like the Herdmans, and sometimes didn't really like others either. She feels that she is above everyone else, and her mother is extremely prudish. Beth likes her, but she could get fed up with her and her sanctimony as well.

After various travails, including an incident where everything seemed to go completely topsy-turvy (being called the one great big sinful thing Alice Wendleken had hoped for, which allowed her mother to call everyone on the phone to have the Herdmans forcibly removed), the show goes on, and it turns out to be one of the most memorable Christmas plays ever, since the Herdmans mainly do what comes naturally.



Grace Bradley

Linda Hake

Bob Bradley

Dino Anagnostopoulos

Beth Bradley Mia Mullen
Charlie Bradley Jack Hake
Alice Wendleken Caitlin Reardon
Maxine Mia Helbig
Leroy Herdman Niall Carr
Ralph Herdman Preston Carr
Imogene Herdman Zoey Zanowski


Deyki Miller

Claude Herdman

Teddy Anagnostopoulos

Ollie Herdman

Craig Creed

Shirley Angelina Anagostopoulos
Juanita Theodora Cicatello

Gladys Herdman

Eliza Hake

Doris Lilith Baldwin
Baby Angel Michelle Miller
Mrs. Clark Karla Creed

Mrs. McCarthy

Cathy Miller

Mrs. Slocum Vicky Heckman
Mrs. Armstrong Dawn Baldwin
Mrs. Clausing Rosie Peterson
Reverend Hopkins Bob Phelps
Beverly Jasmine Peterson
Elmer Shawn Helton
Hobie Angelo Cicatello
Alexandra McCarthy Lucina Wolf-Brown
Samantha Clausing Eve Wolf-Brown

Production Staff


Rosie Peterson

Jerry Proffitt



Josh Klingman


Stage Manager

Jerry Proffitt


Set Designer

Tim Kietzman

Paul Weir

Scenic Artists

Sandra Wyss

Erico Ortiz

Lights & Sound

Casey Paszkiewicz

 Jerry Proffitt

Sam Stair

Lighting Crew Sam Stair  
Original Song Lyrics Michael Pocara  


Art Carter


Costumes Lynn Burke  

Stage Crew

Nidra Miller

Bob Phelps



Elizabeth Havican

Bob Helbig

Bob Kafka


Box Office

Lloyd Dreger

House Manager Connie Rockey  
Program Erico Ortiz  
50/50 Raffle Judy Lee Tarbox  

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