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The Pink Panther Strikes Again

by William Gleason

based on the film by Blake Edwards and Frank Waldman.

October 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 2005

Sharon Lynn Wilson Center

Dawes Studio Theatre

The world's most unusual criminologist, Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau fights for his life and for the future of all mankind in the most bizarre and dangerous caper of his brilliantly successful and utterly clumsy career. Paul Dreyfus, once his long-suffering boss, now turned into a raving lunatic, holds the world at bay with the ultimate weapon, the Doomsday Machine. Dreyfus is out to get Clouseau, the man whose undeserved success has driven him crazy, and he threatens to vaporize continents if the nations of the world don't deliver Clouseau to him�alive or, if at all possible, dead! Blissfully unaware that the army of deadly assassins is gunning for him, or that the beautiful girl who seeks him out is a Russian agent, Clouseau incredibly stumbles and slips by every attack. However, the world is running out of time because the increasingly frustrated Dreyfus, doodling with the Doomsday Machine, is running out of patience. At the critical moment, it suddenly appears that Clouseau is finally running out of luck. Then he fires from the hip and hits the funny bone!


Show Program









Production Staff


Mark Wyss


James Lentz Jr.

Stage Manager

Alex Jensen

Lighting Designer

Alex Jensen

Set Designer

James Lentz Jr.

Sound Designer

Bandon Campbell

Scenic Artist

Steve Lents


Kathleen Hunter

Set Construction

Dominic Lentz


Graphic Designer

Joan Phillipson


Bob Stahley


Mary Jo Maciejewski

Joan Phillipson

John Radtke

Jeff Sachse

Bob Stahley

Davne Stahley

Judy Tarbox

Beth Trotta

Lee Trotta



Clouseau Rick Anderson  
French Lady Marilou Davido  
French Man Brent DeHut  
Waiter Bryan Davido  
Dreyfus Glen Villa  
Dr. Duval Art Carter  
Francois Lloyd Dreger  
Inmate Brent DeHut  

Kelley Paape

Randall Tranowski


Amanda Hansen

Dr. Fassbender Bob Stahley  
Jarvis Matthew Miller  
Cato Kid Beat Box  
McLaren Brent DeHut  
Drummond Davne Stahley  
Mr. Shork Art Carter  
Mrs. Bullock Sandy Lewis  
Mrs. Japonica Barbara Lynch  
Mrs. Leverlilly Liz Estes  
Mrs. Stutterstutt Marion Ziemienski  
Tournier Bryan Davido  
Cairo Fred Larry Beckley  
Hindu Harry Roy Bergsholm  
Chuck Brent DeHut  
Emcee Brent DeHut  

Bryan Davido

Marilou Davido

Kelley Paape

Davne Stahley

Judy Radtke

Mafia Type Randall Tranowski  
Olga Connie Rockey  
Tehnician Mary Rodgers  
Messenger Brent DeHut  
German Girl Lauren Ashley  
Waitress Davne Stahley  
Assassin Bryan Davido  
Another Assassian Marilou Davido  
Yet Another Assassin Kelley Paape  
Still Another Assassin Mary Rodgers  
Even Another Assassin Lauren Ashley  
One Last Assassin Randall Tranowski  
Hotel Clerk Judy Tarbox  
Desk Clerk Marion Ziemenski  


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