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One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

by Dale Wasserman

adapted from the novel by Ken Kesey

October 10, 11, 17, 18, 2003

Wauwatosa West High School

McMurphy is a charming rogue who contrives to serve a short sentence in an airy mental institution rather in a prison. This, he learns, was a mistake. He clashes with the head nurse, a fierce artinet. Quickly, he takes over the yard and accomplishes what the medical profession has been unable to do for twelve years; he makes a presumed deaf and dumb Indian talk. He leads others out of introversion, stages a revolt so that they can see the world series on television, and arranges a rollicking midnight party with liquor and chippies. For one offense, the head nurse has him submit to shock treatment. The party is too horrid for her and she forces him to submit to a final correction a frontal lobotomy.


Show Program






Production Staff


Mark Steimle


Laura Kohn_LaPinske

Stage Manager

Lynn Ruhl

Technical Director

James Lentz Jr.

Lighting Designer

Lynn Ruhl

Sound Designer

Mark Steimle

Assistant Producer

Judy Tarbox

Assistant Stage Manager

Mary Wessell

Lighting Crew

Bob Kafka


Stage Crew

Daryl Lynch

Evan Truax

Costume Crew

Peggy Mottl

Rosie Peterson


Peggy Mottl

Tom Zuehlke


Dennis Hennessey

Judy Tarbox


Larry Beckley



Aide Williams Tom Wessell
Aide Warren Tod Herdt
Nurse Ratched Nanette Blue
Nurse Flynn Marilou Davido
Dale Harding Matthew Knudson
Billy Bibbit Jeff Sp[oo
Scanlon Larry Beckley
Cheswick Jaime Justrab
Martini Vincent Prantil
Ruckly Ray Py
Randal Patrick McMurphy Dave Nelson
Dr. Spivey

Wil Hartwig

Candy Starr Kelly Flemming
Aide Turkle Ian Jackson
Sandy Marilou Davido
Chief Bromden Michael LaPinske


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