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book, music and lyrics by Lionel Bart
freely adapted from Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist

July 8, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 2005

Sharon Lynn Wilson Center

Kuttemperoor Auditorium

The curtain opens on the sinister interior of the workhouse with a bare dining table, center stage, where the boys will sit. These pale-faced wretches can be seen peering through the bars of a door at the back. Looming above two curving stairways glows the legend "God Is Love" in rough letters. The Widow Corney, who runs the workhouse and Mr. Bumble, the parish beadle, enter and a thin gruel is served. Wolfing the meagre fare, the boys hopelessly stack their bowls, but the hapless Oliver approaches Bumble with the entreaty, "Please sir, I want some more." He is instantly subdued. Oliver is locked behind the barred door as the rest of the boys exit upstairs.


Oliver is brought forward, bag and baggage, and is led off by Bumble to Mr. Sowerberry's, the undertaker. Oliver is "sold" to the undertaker. Alone and frightened and surrounded by coffins Oliver runs away the very next morning and is picked up hungry and tired in the streets by the Artful Dodger who cheers him up and leads him through crowded streets to Fagin's kitchen. The boys come in and Fagin himself appears. Nancy, Bill Sikes' girl and Bet arrive. The action moves to the next morning when Fagin sends the boys off on a pocket-picking expedition, Oliver among them. We witness the capture of Oliver, not for picking pockets, but for simply looking guilty.


Fagin's boys pour down the stairs telling of Oliver's apprehension by the police, at the same time revealing that his innocence has been established and that he is presently ensconced in the home of a rich old gentleman. Fearful lest he give away their set-up, Fagin and Sikes dispatch Nancy to get Oliver back. Meanwhile, at the home of his new-found benefactor, the erstwhile ragged Oliver has become a well-tailored, well-cared for little lad. However, the moment he sets foot outside his benefactor's house, Oliver is seized and dragged off by Nancy to Fagin's.


Subsequently, Bumble and Mrs. Corney, now uncomfortably married, discover that Oliver is the scion of a rich family. Their scheme to get him back fails and Nancy, regretting her part in the capture of Oliver, plans to return him to his benefactor at night on London Bridge. Sikes stalks her and kills her. He grabs Oliver and, after a chase, is himself shot dead. Oliver is restored to his benefactor and Fagin, now without boys, home and money, reprises Reviewing the Situation.


Show Program








Production Staff


Larry Beckley


Tim Kietzman

Stage Manager

Kevin Tarbox

Musical Diretor

John Wade


Pam Ebeling

Set Designer

Tim Kietzman

Lighting Designer

Alex Jensen

Costume Designer

Rosie Peterson

Assistant Director

James Lentz Jr.

Costume Crew

Barbara Lunch

Evvie Smit

 June Villa,

Stage Crew

Becky Beadoin

Sean Cundy

DJ Wormsbacher

Dust Donohue

Emma Fowler

Evan Howard

John Radtke

Stanley Rankel



Cliff Falk

Evvie Smith

Set Construction

Larry Beckley

Tim Kietzman

Tim Kleinschmide

Kevin Tarbox

Tom Zuehlke

Lighting Crew

Bob Kafka

Sound Crew

Mark Stiemley

Graphic Designer

Joan Phillipson


John Krause

Mary Jo Maciejewski

Joan Phillipson

John Radtke

Jeff Sachse

Bob Stahley

Davne Stahley

Judy Tarbox

Beth Trotta

Lee Trotta

Program Bob Stahley


Oliver Twist Alison Kennedy  
Mr. Bumble Al Dobyns  
Mrs. Corney

Meg Wadina

Old Sally Rosie Peterson  
Mr. Sowervberry Bob Stahley  
Mrs. Sowerberry Kerrie Griffith  
Charlotte Nicole Holzhauer  
Noah Claypole Julian Sorenson  
Fagin Gene Schuldt  
The Artful Dodger Ryan Cappleman  
Nancy Lauren Tatum  
Betsy Elayne Juten  
Bill Sykes Dominic Lentz  
Mr. Bronlow John Lentz  
Dr. Grimmwig Kelly Vance  
Mrs. Bedwin Liz Mistele  
Rose Seller D;Laney Gielow  
Milkmaid Kate Marshall  
Strawberry Seller Katherine Matic  
Attendant Paul Burkard  
Knife Grinder Tim Kleinshmidt  
Warehouse Kid

Samantha Burkard

Sarah Colt

Tieg Gielow

Morgan Griffith

Kelly Kanaus

Caitlin Van Lith

John Mullooly

Tim Schildt

Veronica Scher

McCormick Sweeney

Fagin's Pickpickets

Brigette Coleman

Adam Lefevre

Samantha Mullooly

Bryan Picchiottino

Catlin Rosencrantz

Hannah Rosencrantz

Nathan Senger

Christopher Vance

Rachael Aientek



Swan Bhargava

Fallon Griffith

Brandon Kleinschmidt

Christa Kokott

John Lentz

Melissa Freson

Kayla Liederbach

Kate Marshall

Danny McNiel

Liz Mistele

Kerrie Griffith

Rugh Picchiottino

Mary Rodgers

Erika Wade

Wesley Yashino




Piano John Wade  
Cello Emily Mimer  

Bennett Hiner


Marcia Smeiska

French Horn

Liz Sievert



Matthew Hastreiter



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