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Meet Me In St. Louis

dramatized from Sally Benson's Book

 by Christopher Sergel

November 30, December 1, 7, 8, 2000

Wauwatosa Civic Center Auditorium

Four attractive sisters are all blazing with excitement over the wonderful World's Fair that is about to open right there in St. Louis. The girls are also in a state about the love life of their only brother, whom they suspect of ditching his sweet hometown girl for a snob from the East. In the midst of the sisters' humorous maneuvers to rule (or ruin) their brother's new romance, Father finally breaks in with his announcement. He's been offered a better job in New York! This will mean leaving their home in St. Louis and missing the fair! At this, the girls unite for action.



Production Staff


Judy Tarbox


Tom Zuehlke

Lighting Designer

Don Horaitis

Costume Designer

Harvey Wagstaff

Costuem Crew

Joan Wirth


Larry Beckley

House Manager

Tina Davis

Julie York

Barbara Lynch


Tamara Stajmiger

Cat Wrangler

Chelsea Mills



Lon Smith Chad Kopenski  
Lon Smith Jr. Nicholas Lajoie  

lloyd Dreger

Tootie Smith Sahara Berhe  
Katie Stacy Mills  
Rose Smith Meg Bridgeman  
Esther Smith Candy Cunningham  
Lily Waughop Judy Tarbox  
Anna Smith Sarah Heins  
Ida Boothby Crystal Yorkey  
Fred Gregory

Erico Euting

Agnes Smith

Rachael Reinders


John Shepard

Chris Damico

Lucille Pentard Sarah Luther  

Theresa Estness

Dean Redman

Dave O'Brien

Tom Thaney

Mr. Dodge Jack Williams  
Mr. Duffy Tom Wisniewski  

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