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Comic Potential

by Alan Ayckbourn


March 12, 13, 19, 20, 2004

Wauwatosa West High School

A hilarious satire of television and a touching romantic comedy, it begins in a television studio where a hospital soap opera is being taped. One actor starts speaking gibberish; he is an "actoid" a robot and his programming is off kilter. Adam, the young nephew of the producer and an aspiring writer who worships the director (once a great movie director and now a broken down has been), is on the set. Adam starts chatting with Jacie Tripplethree, the actoid (serial number JC333) playing the nurse and finds, to his surprise, that not only can she carry on a conversation but, due to what she calls a fault in her programming, she has a creative imagination. Adam wants to build a new television series around her but the studio will not hear of it. He also finds he is falling in love with the charming robot! Will Adam get the green light on his series? Will love prevail?



Production Staff


Lloyd Dreger

Judy Tarbox


Gerry Staggenborg

Stage Manager

Dominic Lentz

Technical Director

James Lentz

Lighting Crew

Al Jensen

Sound Crew

Mark Steimle


Michael Kamenski

Costume Crew

Rosie Peterson


Pam Ebling

Fight Choreographer

Jose Gonzalez


Cliff Falk

Tina Davis


Rosie Peterson

House Manager Barbara Lynch
Set Construction

Nick Firer

Brittany Sieglass

Janeen Bannier

Matty Shaw

Poster Steve Lentz
Publicity Cheryl Ann Lisowski
Tickets Rosie Peterson
Program Larry Beckley


Trudi Nicole Anderson  
Girl Marion Araujo  
Jacie Triplethree Ruth Arnell  
Young man Peter Baumbach  
Turkey Kid Beat Box  

Larry Beckley

Roy Bergsholm

Ales Peter Baumbach  
Lester Trainsmith Lloyd Dreger  
Marmion Cedilla Jose Gonzalez  
Chandler Tate Sam Halpern  
Chance Sam Halpern  

Jennifer Lindsay

Hotel Clerk Melba Morris-Page  
Doctor Michael Pikulef  
Farmer Michael Pikulef  
Adam Trainsmith Ben Ratkowski  
Mother Rachael Schmidt  
Prostitute Rachael Schmidt  
Carla Pepperbloom Judy Tarbox  
Dress Shop Clerk Brooke Wegner  


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