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Children Of Eden

book by  John Caird
music by  Stephen Schwartz
lyrics by  Stephen Schwartz
based on a concept by Charles Lisanby

June 15, 16, 22, 23, 2001

Wauwatosa West High School

As the chorus of Storytellers describes the beginning of the world when Father created the heavens. Father comes on and declares, "Let there be light." He creates Adam and Eve and gives them the Garden of Eden to live in. Eden is a perfect place

Eve wants to know about the glowing tree on top of the hill. Father tells them it is the tree of knowledge, and they must never eat its fruit. Eve questions why Father put the tree there if it's not good. Father tells her to have faith in his reasons. To divert their attention away from the tree, Father asks Adam and Eve to help him name all the animals. With the help of the Storytellers, Adam, Eve, and Father name the animals.  Father reflects on how well his universe turned out. Meanwhile, in the night, Adam and Eve kiss and realize they are not brother and sister.

One day, Eve goes up to the tree of knowledge and it enchants her. When she tries to show the tree to Adam, he is not interested and goes back to naming his bugs. However, Eve remains curious about the world beyond.  A Snake comes up to Eve and asks her questions. Eve does not know the answers, but she is intrigued. The Snake convinces Eve to pursue knowledge and eat the fruit of the tree. Eve eats the fruit and tricks Adam into eating it by turning it into juice. When Adam realizes that they have eaten from the tree of knowledge, he and Eve hide from Father. Father calls to them, but Adam is ashamed. Unashamed, Eve tells Father that she understands her own potential. Father orders Eve to leave the garden and tells Adam that he will make him a better wife. Adam chooses to stay with Eve instead of staying in Eden

Time passes as the Storytellers describe Adam and Eve's desolate new environment. Eve gives birth to two sons, Cain and Abel. Adam prays to Father to be let back into paradise. As the boys grow up, Cain becomes more curious about the world while Abel remains obedient to Adam. Eve worries that she has passed her hunger for knowledge onto Cain. Cain convinces Abel to leave their home to seek their own destinies out in the world. Father comes upon Cain and Abel and tells them that he has placed his hope in them. Cain declares he will find his own destiny without Father's help and storms off. Before he leaves, Father makes Abel promise that he won't tell Adam about the meeting and tells Abel that he is only hope for the future.

Cain returns and  has found that Adam's family are not the only people in the world. Adam thinks the other people are barbarians and orders Cain to never speak of them again. However, Cain, wanting to be a part of a larger family, tries to leave, but Adam blocks his way. Abel tries to restrain Cain, but Cain kills him with a rock. Shouting to Adam that he should be dead, Cain runs off as Abel dies in Eve's arms. As Cain is running, Father appears before him and asks where his brother is. Cain asks if he is his brother's keeper. Father marks Cain's forehead and curses him and all his children.

Eve is now an old woman. Adam has died. She introduces her third son, Seth, who is married with children. Father returns to Eve and tells her that Cain is alive. Eve tries to ask more questions, but Father disappears. Eve gathers the grandchildren together and tells them that this is her last harvest.


Act II begins in light, a thousand years after Act One. The Storytellers come on and trace the line of Adam to Noah and his three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Father wants Noah to quickly finish building the ark, so he can flood the world and destroy the line of Cain

Meanwhile, Noah has other worries. His youngest son, Japheth, is not married. When Japheth announces that he will present his bride at dinner, Noah and the family eagerly prepare for a feast.  At the dinner, Japheth announces that he wishes to marry Yonah, the servant girl who bears the mark of Cain. Noah declares that it will not be possible because Father would disapprove. Japheth storms off just as animals start appearing on their way to the ark.  After everyone is onboard the ark, Noah sees Yonah standing alone and apologizes that he can not take her with him. Left alone as the rain starts to fall, she prepares to go her own way. Japheth finds Yonah, states that Father is wrong, and hides Yonah in the ark.  As Japheth pulls Yonah into the ark, the flood begins with Father sending down more rain

The rain continues for forty days and forty nights. With food running out, Noah and his family begin having cabin fever as they anxiously wait for the rain to stop.  Yonah, worried that she is the reason the rains have not stopped, sends a dove to find land.  Shem and Ham find Yonah on the ark. Ham fetches Noah who is very displeased with the situation. Shem tries to throw Yonah overboard. Japheth runs on to stop him, but Noah blocks his way and pushes him away. A fight ensues. Japheth almost kills Ham, but Yonah stands in his way. Japheth backs off. Mama Noah speaks up, and the children leave her alone with Noah. Noah reveals to her that Father no longer speaks to him. Mama Noah tells him that he must be the Father now. Alone, Noah reflects on the difficulty of being a father to a son who makes his own choices and Father realizes he has to let humanity choose its own destiny.

Noah marries Japheth to Yonah. The dove returns with an olive branch, and the stars come out.  The sun shines, and the ark lands at Mount Ararat. The three sons decide to travel in different directions with different animals. Japheth announces that he will search for Eden. Noah says goodbye to his children. The musical ends with with Father promising not to destroy the earth again and to let humanity take responsibility for its own fate.




Show Program





Production Staff


Rosie Peterson


David Eggebrecht

Stage Manager

Julie Jankowski

Musical Diretor

Louis Menchaca


Jean Austin

Technical Director

Kevin Connolly

Lighting Designer

John Dolphin

Costume Designer

Candy Polka

Assistant Producer

Evvie Smith


Art Wagner

Lighting Crew

Suzanne Skony

Sound Crew

Pete Granna


Stage Crew

Jim Bloom

Doug Varebrook

Mollie Sheridan

Tom Mann

Matt Kantin

Make Up

James Lentz Jr.


Mario Alberts

Mary Shaw

Graphic Designer

Jason Ivy

Lisa Bradley

House Manager

Barbara Lynch


Rosie Peterson


Jennie Spahr

Larry Beckley




Tom Eggebrecht



Christian Durk



Tammy Eggebrecht


Young Cain

Benjamin Eggegrecht


Young Abel

Ales Odya-Weis



Sam Hilgendorf



Tim Quiring



Roger Uscila


Seth's Wife

Samantha Heindl



Hick DeLeo


Mama Noah

Anne Williams



Roger Uscila



Samantha Heindl



Thomas O'Neil



Angela Kloc



Mat Kiedrowski



Trinny Gaulke


The Snake

Tim Quiring

Angela Kloc

Trinny Gaulke

Samantha Heindl

Matt Kiedrowski

Ashlyn Eggebrecht


Young Storyteller/Animal

Ashlyn Eggebrecht

Rachel Ferry

Angela Cunninham

David Cunninham

Amber Kuske

Devin Mills

Landyn Mills

Jackie Nolan

Jenna Shaw

Marisa Shaw

Alex Odya-Weis



Cathi Gill

Scott Huster

Erin Lorenz

Stacy Mills

Rosie Peterson

Andre Tilman





Melissa Kilvinger



Kimberly Walters



Karen Guidinger



Chris Canapa



Emily Hoppe

Jeanne Gurda




Art Wagner



Valerie Pogue



Barry Clark

Vipul Chaudhaury



Evan Ross


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