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George Washington Slept Here

by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart

May 10, 11, 17, 18, 19, 1991

Plank Road School

The story chronicles the trials and tribulations of Newton Fuller who craves—and gets—"a little place in the country to call his own." Newton and his wife, Annabell, and their daughter, Madge, are hypnotized into taking over one of those windowless, waterless, almost roofless houses that dot the countryside. The ensuing troubles may be summed up by a search for water, a quarrel with a neighbor who owns not only the brook but the very road that leads from the highway to the house, the attempted elopement of the daughter with a summer-theatre actor, and the usual invasion of the weekend guests, including a prodigal uncle who is assumed to be rich but turns out to be just another bankrupt. It is discovered that the neighbor really doesn't own Newton's roadway, and that Newton's wife, who began by showing disgust over her husband's idiocy in wanting to live in the country, decides that he was right all along.






Show Program










Production Staff

Producer Judy Taqrbox


Tom Zuehlke

Stage Manager

Rosemary Eckley

Set Designer

Rosemary Eckley

Lighting Designer

Mary Jo Resop

Sound Designer

Tom Reinke

Costume Crew

Kathy Hazard

Judy Tarbox

Prop Crew

Alicia Georgoulis

Lisa Meister

Cow Construction

Dave O'Brien

Publicity David Blank
Program Bob Kafka

Set Construction

Colin Eckley

Jodi Gumina

Bob Kafka

F. John Kessler

T.J. Little

Barbara Lynch

Bill Nolte

Rosie Peterson

Tom Reinke

Mary Jo Resop

Tom Rohe

Laura Weingarten

Victor White



Miss Wilcox Thersa Aiken  
Uncle Stanley Henry Burko  
Leggetti Frazer David Campanella  
Madge Fuller Jodi Gumina  
Newton Fuller F. John Kessler  
Katie Eileen Kinzie  
Mr. Kimber Richard Lewein  
Tommy Hughes T,J, Little  
Rena Leslie Barbara Lynch  
Hester Michelle NIgh  
Mabel Bovine Dave O'Brien  
Mrs. Douglas Rosie Peterson  
Manure Salesman David Prado  
Steve Eldridge Tom Rohe  
Clayton Evans Keith Schmitz  
Furniture Mover Lily Gowdy  
Mr. Prescott Mike Wagner  
Anabelle Fuller Laura Weingarten  
Sue Barrington Carey Zadra  
Raymond Gregory Roteik  


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