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Send Me No Flowers

by Norman Barasch and Carroll Moore

November 7, 8, 14, 15, 1980

Hawthorne Junior High School

This Broadway comedy stars George Kimball, a Westchester commuter whose hobby is hypochondria. When he overhears his doctor talking about another patient who is on his way out with heart trouble, he misunderstands and prepares to meet the end bravely. He puts his affairs in order and writes a heartbreaking letter to his wife to be read after his death. He arranges in advance for the soon to be widow to have another beau who will make a good second husband. He buys a cemetery plot big enough for three: himself, the widow and Hubby Two. Complications involve a wifely hunch that the lad is playing footsie, plans for Reno and a false confession.


Production Staff


Tom Kohls

Donna Kay Kohls


Lee Weick

Technical Direcotgr

Don Horaitis

Assistant Technical Director

Gary McManus

Set Designer

Paul Brickham

Set Decorator

Loria Weick

Set Construction

Bob Kafka

House Manager

Rosie Peterson


Dick Badenhoop


Byrll Hoelke

Graphic Designer

Deb Pipkorn

Costume Designer

Carol Horaitis

Prop Crew

Marsh Dwyer

Loria Weick


Kathy Roate


Assistant Director

Dave Dwyer

Lighting Crew

Doug Dwyer


Ann De Leo

Georgia Eckhardt

Byrll Hoelke

Rick Mosher

Betty Mosher

Evvie Smith

Stage Crew

Brian Dwyer

Mark Horaitis

Bob Kafka

Tom Kohls

Donna Kay Kohls

Rosie Peterson


Becky Kivell

Wendy Murphy

Carol Schneider

Betsy Stowe



Judith Kimball

Nancy Gescheidmeier


George Kimball

Rich Morgan



John Seefeld


Bert Power

Mark Nadolski


Doctor Morrrissey

Donald Hackett


Arnold Nash

David Handrich



Rosie Peterson


Mr. Akins

Lloyd Dreger


A Girl

Susie Berish


Miss Mason

Jennifer Seefeld


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