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The Night of January 16th

by Ayn Rand

February 23, 23, 29, March 1, 1980

Hawthorne Junior High School

The plot of this gripping murder trial drama involves Bjorn Faulkner, who has swindled millions of dollars from investors by fraudulently trying to control the trade in gold.  In the wake of a financial crash, he is facing bankruptcy despite the infusion of money from John Graham Whitfield, a prominent banker whose daughter, Nancy Lee Faulkner, married Faulkner shortly after the loan was made.  On the night of January 16th, Karen Andre, Bjorn's mistress of ten years, and Faulkner are in the penthouse atop the Faulkner Building.  He falls to his death in what may have been a suicide, or may have been murder.  Karen Andre is arrested, charged with murder and placed on trial.  She is being prosecuted by District Attorney Flint and represented by defense lawyer Stevens.  During the action of the play, a number of witnesses are called to testify, including a private investigator, the County Coroner, and a notorious gangster.  The testimony they give produces a complex and contradictory story.  The jury, selected from the audience, must decide the guilt or innocence of the defendant.


Production Staff


David Eggebrecht

Technical Director

Don Horaitis

Stage Manager

Linda Englert

Set Designer

Mark Johnson

Lighting Designer

Sue Ganz

Set Construction

Josephine Belone-Brower

Mark Horaitis

Bob Kafka

Rich Morgan

Prop Crew

Linda Englert

Lee Weich



Jan Jacobi

Kathi Roate

Costume Crew

Carol Horaitis

Cecile Langford


Dick Badenhoop


Viv Horaitis

Rosie Peterson


Ann Siverling

Photographer Ron Kamparath
Program Byrll Hoelke



Linda Durrenberg


Judge Heath

William Brennan


Court Reporter

Blythe Grasske


District Attorney Flint

Lloyd Dreger


Defense Attorney Stevens

David Foucault

Karen Andrae Kathy Olen  
Dr. Mabel Kirkland Mabel Lofy  
John Hutchins Nick De Leo  

Homer Van Fleet

Dick Badenhoop


Elmer Sweeney

Rick Alf


Nancy Lee Faulker

Pat Henschel


Magada Svenson

Marion Zieminski

John Graham Whitfield Daniel Conlan  
Jane Chandler Margaret Einwald  
Sigurd Jungquist William Heffel  
Guts Reagan Dan Slane  

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