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Lily, the Felon's Daughter

by Tom Taggart

September 29, 30, October 6, 7, 8, 1989

Plank Road School

Gay Nineties melodramas are always fun for the audiences and actors. This tear jerker tells the sad but silly story of Lily Fairweather, pure as the driven snow; of Compton, her weak but handsome sweetheart---and how villain Craven Sinclair thwarts their plans for everlasting bliss. Compton is corrupted by Craven---even succumbs to forgery and embezzlement. Our hero flees to the West leaving his father behind to go to jail for his crimes. The same fateful night, Lily's cup of woe---and the audiences cup of cheer---overflow. Adding to the merriment are a horse faced suffragette and her titled suitor who is so English it hurts.







Show Program









Production Staff


Mary Husting


Gil Shine

Set Designer

Richard Nebel

Costume Crew

Donna Brown

Kathy Dolan



Clint Peterson

House Manager

Mary Breitrick


David Handrich

Bob Kafka


Bob Kafka



Lily Fairweather

as pure as the dirven snow

Amy Schauder


Betsy Fairweather

as gentle as a lamb

Janine Hunter



her son, as handsome as a Greek God

Patrick Noonan


Jonas Fairweather

as true as blue

Bill Nolte


Craven Sinclair

as poisonous as a toad

Paul Nowak


Miss Ophelia

as plain as the nose on your face

Carol Bruss


Robin Steel

as straight as a corkscrew

Jim Kollenbroich



Robin's dog, as cute as a kitten

Heather Scott


Mrs. Kingsley

as sound as a dollar

Rosie Peterson


Mrs. Bloodgood

as mean as dirt

Marion Ziemienski



the maid, as busy as a bee

Judy Tarbox


Lod Montmorency

as English as a kipper

Lisa Peearson



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