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Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

by Ed Graczyk

May 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 1988

Plank Road School

The action takes place in the small Texas town of McCarthy in 1975. Inside of a five-and-dime store, a reunion is planned for the members of a local 1950s James Dean fan club.   An odd assortment of women arrive, revealing hidden secrets, the action flashes back, showing the women as young James Dean fans, and then jumps forward to present day to reveal the ravages of time and lost innocence. Among the women returning for the reunion is Mona, a disturbed woman who, in the '50s, got a job as an extra on the Giant shoot and nine months later gave birth to a son, who she claims is James Dean's child.#There is Sissy, a wisecracking waitress – her first ‘serious’ film role, and also Joanne, who holds a shocking secret that is revealed at the reunion.  Besides the three main players, a collection of supporting characters maneuver around the periphery. They are Stella Mae, the wife of a rich petroleum executive; Edna Louise, a shy, withdrawn woman with numerous children; Juanita, the manager of the five-and-dime store; and Joe Qualley, a young man who likes to dress up in women's clothing.


Show Program









Production Staff


David Handrich


Tamara Stajmiger

Stage Manager

Judy Schoenfeld

Lighting Designer

Bob Kafka

Lighting Crew

Aaron Hubbard

David McChristie

Set Designer

Tom Stajmiger

House Manager

Mary Carroll

Sound Crew

Mary Horaitis

Prop Crew

M. Lynn connolyy

Judy Tarbox


Color Photo by Jon


Set Construction

Maureen Dwyer

Jeff Eckoldt

bob Kafka

Lucy Kugler

Devin Lobacz

Don Lobacz

Donna Lobacz

Matt McGinnis

Tamara Stajmiger

Cheryl Waldtschmidt


David Handrich

Bob Kafka




Bert Slawson


Mona (now)

Maureen Dwyer


Mona (then)

Ellen Bratina


Sissy (now)

Denise Zarling


Sissy (then)

Wendi Wawraonkowski



Lucy Kugler


Stella May

Anne Marie Cheney


Edna Louise

Donna Lobacz



Thomas Carrao


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