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Count Dracula

by Ted Tiler

October 29, 20, 31, 1981

Hawthorne Junior High School

In a village north of London, there’s a new resident — name of Renfield — at Dr. Seward’s Asylum for the Insane. A foreign count has taken residence in the castle across the valley. Dr. Seward’s ward Mina comes down with a mysterious illness, and Professor Van Helsing is called in to help. The stage is set for Ted Tiller’s witty version of Bram Stoker’s classic story of the suave vampire whose passion is sinking his teeth into the throats of beautiful young women.



Show Program









Production Staff


Rosie Peterson


Gil Shine

Stage Manager

Tim Knier

Technical Director

Don Horaitis

Set Designer

John Flessas

Set Construction

Lloyd Dreger

Mark Horaitis

Bob Kafka

Tom Kohls

Donna Kay Kohls

Marianne Kolar

Rosie Peterson

Mary Schaefer

Costume Crew

Kathy Dolan

Judy Persin

Lighting Crew

Brian Marker

Mark McElroy

Sound Crew

Mark Horaitis

Special Effects

Mark Horaitis

Bob Kafka



Kathi Roate

Assistant Director

Dorthy Edwards

Prop Crew

Anne Marie Cheney

Beulah La Malfa

Mary Schaefer

Graphic Designer

Deb Pipkorn


Marian Hahn

Tom Kohls

Donna Kay Kohls

Deb Pipkorn


Byrll Hoelke

Deb Pipkorn

Victor White

House Manager

Bob Kafka


David Handrich

Bob Kafka


Phyllis Gregg

Marianne Kolar

Nan Larson

Cheryl Peterson



Count Dracula Dan Slane  
Richard Renfield David Handrich  
First Bride Carol Santi  
Second Bride Rosie Peterson  
Third Bride Evvie Smith  
Sybil Seward Byrll Hoelke  
Hennessey Gary McManus  
Dr. Arthur Seward Mark Nadolski  
Evans Mary Jane O'Hare  
Wesley Michael Barzone  
Jonathan Harker Rich Morgan  
Wilhemina Murray Mary Jeanne Murl  
Heinrich Van Helsing Victor White  


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