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Blithe Spirit

by Noel Coward

May 16, 17, 23, 24, 25 1984

Plank Road School

Charles Condomine, a successful novelist wishes to learn about the occult for a novel he is writing, and he arranges for an eccentric medium, Madame Arcati, to hold a sťance at his house. At the sťance, she inadvertently summons Charles's first wife, Elvira, who has been dead for seven years. Madame Arcati leaves after the sťance, unaware that she has summoned Elvira. Only Charles can see or hear Elvira, and his second wife, Ruth, does not believe that Elvira exists until a floating vase is handed to her out of thin air. The ghostly Elvira makes continued, and increasingly desperate, efforts to disrupt Charles's current marriage. She finally sabotages his car in the hope of killing him so that he will join her in the spirit world, but it is Ruth rather than Charles who drives off and is killed. Ruth's ghost immediately comes back for revenge on Elvira, and though Charles cannot at first see Ruth, he can see that Elvira is being chased and tormented and his house is in uproar. He calls Madame Arcati back to exorcise both of them, but at first far from banishing them she materializes Ruth. With both his dead wives now fully visible, and neither of them in the best of tempers, Charles, together with Madame Arcati, goes through sťance after sťance and spell after spell to try to exorcise them, and at last Madame Arcati succeeds. Charles is left seemingly in peace but Madame Arcati, hinting that the ghosts may still be around unseen, warns him that he should go far away as soon as possible. Charles leaves at once and the unseen ghosts throw things and destroy the room as soon as he has gone. (In the David Lean film the ghosts thwart Charles's attempt to escape and his car is again sabotaged, he crashes and joins them as a ghost, with Elvira at one arm and Ruth at the other.)

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Show Program









Production Staff


Byrll Hoelke


Gil Shine

Stage Manager

Mary Carroll

Set Designer

Deb Pipkorn

Lighting Crew

Mark Horaitis

Costume Crew

Molly McNerney

Prop Crew

Anne Marie Cheney

David Handrich

Set Construction

Margaret Banister

Chris Otto


Sound Crew

Mark Horaitis


Betty Braun Zielinski


Jan Brunow


Rosie Peterson

House Manager Maggie Ley
Graphic Designer Donna Kay Kohls
Program Victor White



Molly McNerney



Candace Haas-Johnson



Alan Weston


Dr. Bradman

Jeff  Kelm


Mrs. Bradman

Linda Matson


Madame Arcati

Carol Bruss



Elaine Parsons


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