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A Streetcar Named Desire

by Tennessee Williams

September 16, 17, 23, 24, 25, 1988

Plank Road School

The play reveals to the very depths the character of Blanche du Bois, a woman whose life has been undermined by her romantic illusions, which lead her to reject—so far as possible—the realities of life with which she is faced and which she consistently ignores. The pressure brought to bear upon her by her sister, with whom she goes to live in New Orleans, intensified by the earthy and extremely "normal" young husband of the latter, leads to a revelation of her tragic self-delusion and, in the end, to madness.




Show Program









Production Staff


Tom Zuehlke

Stage Manager

Mary Carroll

Dialogue Coach

Victor White

Lighting Designer

Mark Horaitis

Graphic Designer

Deb Pipkorn


David Handrich

Bob Kafka

Costume Crew

Mary Breitrick

Barbara Mack

Rosie Peterson

Evvie Smith

]Judy Tarbox

Victor White


Set Construction

Margaret BAnister

Jean Boukbachen

Mark Horaitis

Chris Otto

Prop Crew

Lisa Meister

Sound Crew

Chris Otto

House Manager

David Handrich


Byrll Hoelke

Victor White

Composer Melaine Meisenheimer


Woman Marian Ziemienski  
Eunice Hubbell Anne Marie Cheney  
Stanley Kowalski Tairre Christopherson  
Stella Kowalski Joan Gaffney  
Steve Hubbell Gary McManus  
Harold Mitchell David Blank  
Mexican Woman Vicki Spaulding  
Blanche Dubois Sara Greenberg  
Pablo Gonzalez John Eck  
Young Man John Janezic  
Nurse Mary Breitrick  
Doctor Jonathon Curvin  


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